Buying On A Sale Trail

Buying at a Sale Trail is easy, and very similar to buying at a carboot sale. In order to help ensure that everyone has the best experience possible when buying though, we have put together guides for both our buyers and sellers.

You can find the guide for our buyers below, and our guide for sellers here.

Buying Tips.

How you choose to use the Sale Trail is completely up to you, however we have put together some tips below to help you:

  • Download the map and address list before heading out and familiarise yourself with the route/area.
  • Make sure you have change. Most sellers will not take card payment, and while they may have change for you, it is not guaranteed.
  • Inspect anything you buy before hand - everything is sold as seen unless you are buying from a business.
  • Do not enter the premises of any house that is not obviously selling. If you are not sure, do not enter, even if they are on the list.
  • Treat the sellers, their items and property with respect. are not responsible for any sellers/buyers or selling/buying. We simply collate a list of sellers together into a single list to help sellers get as many buyers to their sale as possible and to give buyers a comprehensive list of sales taking place at a specific time.

As the buyer, you are responsible for ensuring that you are happy with what you are buying and the price you are paying.